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Marilyn Johnson

Vice President, The Aurora Light Foundation

Marilyn is a founding board member of The Aurora Light Foundation and serves as its Vice President.

She has a unique insight into understanding the importance of how light is a fundamental human need with the potential to change and liberate people’s lives. This insight has allowed her to play an instrumental role in establishing a guiding vision for the Foundation.

Marilyn is responsible for formulating the Foundation’s donation policy, ensuring all donation requests to the Board are in line with its objectives. She then plays a key role in ensuring the donations are delivered according to expectations, to have maximum impact for the beneficiaries.

She has travelled extensively, gaining exposure to many different cultures and local customs, including visiting Foundation projects in Africa and Asia, where she experienced first-hand the impact of initiatives there.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Marilyn worked in the UK as a personal assistant to the directors of several blue-chip companies. Marilyn was born and raised in the United Kingdom, has lived in Asia and now lives in the USA. She is married with two children.

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