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Energy Savings Calculator

Aurora’s line of energy saving lighting solutions will surprise you; their performance exceeds comparable products and they use less energy, which means a return on your investment. For a moderate up front cost you receive quality lighting for years to come, less waste and less damage to the environment.

The following calculator makes it easy to see how much money you can save on your utility bills. It estimates the annual amount of money and energy you can expect to save by installing a comparable Aurora LED product. Plus, you get to see how much your sustainable choices will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Please enter the amount you pay for electricity in pence per kilowatt hour:

Cost: Cent / kWh

Now complete the following to see your possible savings:

Existing lamp (Incandescent) Number
of lamps
Usage per day
Current cost
      Replacement lamp
(Energy Efficient)
New cost
$0.00   $0.00
$0.00   $0.00
$0.00   $0.00
$0.00   $0.00
$0.00   $0.00
      Saving per year: $0.00      
Approx. CO2 reduction per year: 0.000 kg  

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